Haute-Savoie, We often talk about this French region for its change of scenery, attractiveness and diversity. Limitrophe to many cities such as Geneva, Vaud and countries such as Italy, it is one of the most touristic ski areas in France and the most pleasant. BUILD A LUXURY CHALET, BUT WHERE?

The luxury chalets in the ski areas are considered to be the height of luxury. The question to ask when you have the financial means to achieve this is where? We talk about a substantial investment, a long duration, it is necessary that this purchase meets many criteria. Haute-Savoie has a very interesting profile and is in a good position to respond. Ski lovers, attractions for tranquility, well-being and scenery? This region fits you perfectly. Characterized by its position in relation to Mont-Blanc, its pleasant atmosphere, its winter and summer activities, its breathtaking views, this region remains extremely attractive and demanded by customers.


No more apartment rentals, last-minute bookings, surprises on arrival … In short, becoming a cottage owner takes away many disadvantages and will bring you many benefits in return. Starting with a long term investment. In sum, the purchase of a second home can build a heritage in peace. It is often thought that the value of the property is equal to the amount of the mortgage, which allows you to enjoy the property before you have paid for it, but also to save money on every holiday. Additional income can be earned when buying a cottage or its construction and especially in a tourist region such as Haute-Savoie. In this resort is one of the most visited in France, you will not have to worry about the rental application for your property. The rental income remains very high on this type of accommodation which allows to amortize over the long term the costs of it.


Buying a cottage is a definite investment. It must therefore meet different size criteria in agreement with its price. First the resort, then the atmosphere of it, its activities etc … Also, the surface, decoration and luxury assets are not to neglect. In fact, buying a cottage already built will require you to adapt to it, and apart from the decoration, little will change in the indoor and outdoor space. The standards are complex on this kind of residence, for large-scale work on such a type of property, you will need a lot of time and pay a sum of money that may be higher than if you had done-you – even during its construction. That’s why I advise you to build it. Your cottage will be tailor-made, will meet all your expectations as daring as they are and it will meet all your criteria.



On parle souvent de cette région française pour son dépaysement, son attractivité et sa diversité.

Limitrophe à de nombreuses villes telles que Genève, Vaud et pays tels que l’Italie, c’est l’une des régions skiables les plus touristiques de France et les plus agréables.


Les chalets de luxe dans les domaines skiables sont considérés comme étant le comble du luxe.

La question à se poser lorsque vous avez les moyens financiers par y parvenir, c’est où?

On parle d’un investissement conséquent, d’une longue durée, il est en sommes nécéssaire que cet achat corresponde à de nombreux critères. La Haute-Savoie possède un profil très intéressant et se place en bonne position pour y répondre. Adeptes de ski, attraits pour la tranquillité, le bien-être et le dépaysement ? Cette région vous correspond parfaitement. Caractérisée par sa position par rapport au Mont-Blanc, son ambiance plaisante, ses activités proposées hiver comme été, ses panoramas à couper le souffle, cette région demeure extrêmement attractive et demandée par les clients.


Finis les locations d’appartements, les réservations de dernière minute, les surprises à l’arrivée…

En bref, devenir propriétaire d’un chalet vous enlève de nombreux inconvénients et vous apportera de nombreux avantages en contrepartie. A commencer par un investissement à long terme. En sommes, l’achat d’une résidence secondaire permet de se construire un patrimoine en toute tranquillité. On estime que souvent, la valeur du bien est égale au montant du crédit immobilier, ce qui permet donc de profiter du bien avant même de l’avoir payé, mais aussi de faire des économies lors de chaque vacances. Des revenus complémentaires peuvent être tirés lors de l’achat d’un chalet ou de sa construction et surtout dans une région touristique telle que la Haute-Savoie. En sommes cette station faisant partie l’une des plus visitées de France, vous n’aurez pas de soucis à vous faire sur la demande de location de votre bien. Les revenus locatifs demeurent très élevés sur ce genre d’hébergement ce qui permet d’amortir sur le long terme les frais de celui-ci.


L’achat d’un chalet est un investissement certain. Il se doit donc de répondre à différents critères de tailles en accords avec son prix. Tout d’abord la station, ensuite l’ambiance de celle-ci, ses activités etc… Egalement, la surface, la décoration et les atouts luxueux ne sont pas à négliger. En sommes, acheter un chalet déjà construit vous obligera à vous adapter à celui-ci, et mise à part la décoration, peu de choses pourront changer dans l’espace intérieur et extérieur. Les normes étant complexes sur ce genre de résidence, pour des travaux de grande envergure sur un tel type de bien, il vous faudra beaucoup de temps et débourser une somme d’argent pouvant être plus élevée que si vous l’aviez fait-faire vous-même lors de sa construction. C’est pour cela que je vous conseille de le faire construire. Votre chalet sera fait sur-mesure, correspondra à toutes vos attentes aussi osées qu’elles soient et il pourra répondre à tout vos critères.

Luxury chalet in Haute-Savoie

For many years, the chalets have attracted a large number of French people and tourists. 

The solid wood stone facades, the incomparable comfort of the warm lounges, the space available in ultra-luxurious suites and the infrastructure put in place to ensure that you have an unforgettable stay.

The resorts in which our superb luxury cottages are located also offer many advantages. Renowned for their vast ski areas, the quality of the snow, the activities offered in the villages, these resorts will delight you and make you love the mountains. 

In the luxury chalets everything is gathered together so that you feel as comfortable as possible. You are the master and you have the freedom to choose all the parameters, options, particularity of your luxury chalet. From the wood used for the facade to the colour of the sheets in your suite, you are the one and only master of the site. 

Life is very pleasant, the climate soothing the seasonal workers and very nice inhabitants which makes you want to settle there. 

In a luxury chalet you can find all the comfort you dream of. 

We are able to offer you the construction of a swimming pool, a jacuzzi, a SPA, Hammam, sauna, massage room, an ultra-equipped kitchen and a huge lounge in which you can spend pleasant moments with family or friends. 

What could be better than to go swimming in a heated and covered swimming pool at an altitude of more than 1500m? Relax and recharge after a long and delicious day of skiing in a sauna to relax your muscles. For the most gourmet and gourmet, local culinary specialities are offered by the chefs and will make you discover fondue, raclette and blueberry tarts. 

All the advantages of living in a resort 

The Grand massif is a ski area in France linked by skis on skis, with slopes suitable for all levels and a peak at an altitude of 2500 metres.

The ski area has hundreds of kilometres of skiing and sliding: a little more than a hundred marked trails and for the bravest off-piste skiing is also possible.

The area will delight experienced skiers, lovers of wilderness and nature skiing, as well as beginners and children.

To get around the resort, taxis, a free ski bus passes every 15 minutes in front of your house to take you where you want to go, either in the village or at the foot of the slopes with the ski lifts. 

In short, all the comfort and everything is there to ensure that you spend unforgettable moments in a luxury chalet. 

I find life very pleasant, it is good to live in the resorts and the cottage market continues to grow in value. The demand is increasing, so if you buy a cottage, its value will continue to increase.